3. Screening & Excel Plug-In

The Screening tool lets you screen our vast database with your exact criteria and can be helpful in generating investment ideas.

The Excel Plug-in can expedite many forms of analysis and replace manual data entry. Create your own models, snag pre-built templates, discover built-in Excel screening, and more—all with one-click data refreshes from our database.

Screening | Excel Plug-in


Think of screening as the simple way to conduct advanced searches in order to generate ideas. With thousands of criteria options, you can refine our vast universe of Companies, Equities, Transactions, Key Developments, Fixed Income Securities, People, Projects, or Portfolios into a subset that interests you. 

From the Screening tab, select the output you’re interested in identifying. In this example, we will select Companies.

Screener app

The criteria you can select is organized in 4 columns. The columns are generally related to Company, Equity, People, and Transaction data.

Screener assets

Select the option you want to add and remember to click on 'Add Criteria' at the bottom right. Each criteria you add can be seen and edited at the top. Once you’re done, click 'View Results' to see the outputs.

You can change the output of your screening results at the top.

Screener app

Learn more about Screening here.

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Excel Plug-in

The S&P Capital IQ Excel Plug-in is a tool that will allow you to populate and update your spreadsheets with financial, market, transaction, macroeconomic and company data using unique S&P Capital IQ formulas.

Building financial models typically entails hours of basic research and tedious data entry. Now, you can use the S&P Capital IQ Excel Plug-in to complete your work in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually.

To download the Excel Plug-In, hover over the My Capital IQ tab and click on 'Downloads' in the first column. 

Screener search

From here, click on 'Download Office Plug-in (New Installer)'

Run screen

Open the installer and follow the prompts to complete S&P Capital IQ Office Plug-in setup.

If you experience any trouble installing the Plug-in, please contact our 24/7/365 Support team for assistance.

Once installation is complete, open Excel. You will notice a new tab at the top that reads “S&P Capital IQ”. 

The first time you use the S&P Capital IQ Excel Plug-in, you will be prompted to download all or a selection of templates from our library of over 250 pre-built templates. 

Excel Template Download

Excel Template Download

You can access the pre-built templates you just downloaded from the "Templates" icon in your S&P Capital IQ toolbar at the top of your screen. 

Export results

Another icon you will see is the "Formula Builder" which is a wizard designed to assist in creating your own S&P Capital IQ formulas. Click on the Formula Builder, select the metrics you desire, and add them to the cells.

Screener/Data Wizard

Alternatively, you can right click on a cell and select "Insert Formula".

Screener/Data Wizard

Learn more about our Excel Plug-In, including training webinars and information about the additional features here

You can also get in touch with our 24/7/365 Support team to work with our modelling group, free of charge, to build or replicate models that you already have.

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*Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

Need more help? Contact our 24x7x365 Support team or request one-on-one training with your Relationship Manager.

As a new user of the S&P Capital IQ platform, you’re also eligible to access the S&P Capital IQ Pro at no additional cost. Register here.

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