4. Tearsheet & Financials

Drill down into a single-company with the Tearsheet, which allows you to analyze from a historical profitability perspective to a future growth prospective. The S&P Capital IQ platform is well known for its broad, reliable, and standardized financial data which can be powerfully leveraged with the Financials tools. 

Tearsheet | Financials


Drill down to single company analysis by searching for your desired company in the top search bar. Select the company you’re interested in from the results that will automatically appear as you type ahead.


You will land on the Tearsheet, a comprehensive summary of all the data we have on that company, displayed in widgets. You can start analyzing its historical profitability using the 'Financial Information (Basic)' widget.


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You can see the complete financials clicking under 'Financials/Valuation' on the left column.

You can adjust your results with the dropdown menus shown at the top of the page or by clicking "More Options". Filters include Period, Currency, Restatement Type, etc.


Explore all the different tabs and audit the data by clicking on any blue line item, which will take you to the original files.


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