5. Estimates & Quick Comps

Leverage our Estimates tool for analyzing estimated growth metrics for any specific company. Conduct comparison analyses with our Quick Comps algorithm, which applies to transactions, companies, fixed income, and news.


If you are interested in forward figures, you can have a look at our 'CIQ Estimates'. Here you will see what the brokers are currently estimating for the future of that particular company. The Estimates page shows you the average estimates for a variety of brokers in terms of Revenue, EBITDA, Target price, etc.

Navigate the different tabs to find out estimates' trends and how the estimates performed against the actual results and multiples.


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Quick Comps

If you would like to have a quick glance at how your target company is performing against its peers on key financial metrics, you can do so in the ‘Quick Comps’ section. Our proprietary algorithm looks at analyst and industry coverage, financials, company location, and company revenue to identify 10 relevant peers to your chosen company. You can remove or add companies to this list and save them to your watch list for further analysis.


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