2. Markets & Dashboard

Get a macro view by looking at the Markets tab or the Dashboard across different industries, geographies, interest rates, or other criteria that matters to you. Monitor your market and stay alert to trends and opportunities with customized dashboard widgets containing the data of your choosing.

Markets | Dashboard


From the Markets tab you gain access to our macro data, which can be viewed according to industries, geographies, interest rates, or any of the other categories shown. 


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The Dashboard is your default landing page when you sign in to the S&P Capital IQ platform. This Dashboard can be customized with widgets containing the data you care about. You can build several Dashboard templates and switch between them to scan all the information you need at a glance. 

Customize your Dashboard by clicking on the arrow. Select 'Edit' to change the name and template or 'Widgets' to change the widgets you see.


You can create an additional Dashboard by clicking on 'New Template' and selecting a template format. There is no limit to the number of different Dashboards you can create.


To add widgets to this new template, you can either click on the arrow and select widgets like we’ve done previously, or click on 'Add Widgets' in the far right at the bottom.


*Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

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As a new user of the S&P Capital IQ platform, you’re also eligible to access the S&P Capital IQ Pro at no additional cost. Register here.

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