1. Settings & Alert Emails

Customizing your Settings & Alerts is the key to getting only the essential intelligence that matters most to you, when you want it. Here you'll learn how to adjust your preferences, stay up to date with trends and opportunities via Watch Lists, and set up email alerts for the market updates you need to know about right away.

Settings | Watch Lists | Alerts


From the My Capital IQ tab, select 'Settings' from the first column to adjust the settings in your account.

S&P Capital IQ Settings

Here you can change your password, geographic region, currency, hot keys, formatting preferences, and more.

User Profile & Display

Learn more about Settings here

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Watch Lists

Watch Lists are your way to group your custom selection of entities that you want to analyze or monitor closely. You can leverage your Watch List as a filter in various areas of the S&P Capital IQ platform, so this is an important step in being able to zero in on the essential intelligence that matters most to you throughout the platform. 

To get started creating a new Watch List, go to the My Capital IQ tab and select 'Create,' which is the last option on the first column.

S&P Capital IQ Settings

You will first be asked to name the Watch List you are about to create.

User Profile & Display

You can add entities to your Watch List in 3 different ways:

  1. Select from the Filter by Company Type for Industry section and moving it to the right box using the arrows provided.
  2. Copy and paste Companies, Geographies, Indices, Industries, Instruments, lists, etc. into the Add/Remove Constituents section. Note: If you do not see all of these options, please contact your Relationship Manager to discuss your access permissions.
  3. Upload a List (in .txt/.xls/.csv format)

Once done, click 'Save.' Your Watch List will take up to 15 minutes to be created, depending on how many items you have saved. You can view and edit your Watch List any time by clicking on My Capital IQ and Watch Lists.

User Profile & Display

Learn more about Watch Lists here

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From the My Capital IQ tab, select 'Create Alert' under Alerts in the second column. 

Give your Alert a name and select a subject for the notifications you will receive about it.

The next step is to choose how often you want to receive the Alerts (real time or grouped at a convenient time for you) and the format (text or html). You can add any other email recipients with whom you wish to share this alert.


To designate the content for your new alert, you can either add a Watch List you have previously created, copy and paste specific Companies, Geographies, Indices, Industries, Instruments, etc., or, alternatively, Select Type and Filter options. 

Click 'Save' to save your changes and your alert.

Learn more about Alerts here

*Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

Need more help? Contact our 24x7x365 Support team or request one-on-one training with your Relationship Manager.

As a new user of the S&P Capital IQ platform, you’re also eligible to access the S&P Capital IQ Pro at no additional cost. Register here.

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