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Ratings and research play an essential role in how you monitor risk. Here you’ll learn more about our search capabilities, and discover how you can find a range of research pieces that put the detailed information you need at your fingertips.

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Entity Research

The S&P Capital IQ (CIQ) Platform gives you the ability to toggle between CIQ and RatingsDirect (RD) Search, but to ensure that RD Search is your default search, please refer to Profile & Search Settings where this is covered.

You can now search for everything published by S&P Global Ratings through one box in RD Search, which delivers a variety of search options with the default being ‘Entity & Research (Title)’.

Entity Research

As shown in the screenshot above, by simply typing in the name of the entity you will then see a dropdown of the results broken up per the entity landing page, and the research by title. RD Search is limited to only rated entities and securities, so if the entity shows up in the search bar underneath the RD Search, then the entity is rated and the full page is available.

Entity & Research

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Sector Research

RatingsDirect gives you access to research spanning a broad number of sectors ranging from Corporates to Insurance to Financial Institutions, and so much more. You can access the different Sector/Industry landing pages by hovering your mouse over the RatingsDirect tab as shown in the image below.

Sector Research

After clicking on the industry of your choice, you then have the ability to refine it. To further refine the industry, click on the Refine Industry link, which can be found in the upper right hand corner. A Refine Industry window will pop up where you can drill down within the industry tree, or search for an industry in the search box.

Another way to access sector research would be through the RatingsDirect search engine. In order to do so change the search option from the default to Research (Title). Simply type in the key words for the information you’re looking for in order to see the results.


In the example above I’ve searched for Pharmaceutical research. Once directed to the research search results page, expand the Article Type tab and click on Commentaries to see all the available research. A little reminder: Any type of sector or industry research is categorised under Commentaries.

A more direct route to attain research is to click on S&P Research which can be found when hovering over the RatingsDirect tab as shown below. This will then take you to the S&P Research landing page, which lists all the current research documents.

RatingsDirect Criteria

Criteria are S&P Global Ratings' published analytical frameworks for determining credit ratings. Criteria include fundamental factors, analytical principles, and methodologies. Criteria are intended to help you understand how S&P Global Ratings' analysts generally approach the analysis of issuers or issues in a given sector. Criteria include material methodological elements S&P Global Ratings identifies as relevant to credit analysis.

RatingsDirect Criteria

If we’re to continue from the S&P Research tool above, you can search for criteria by selecting Criteria from the Types dropdown menu and then selecting All History from the Date Range dropdown.

Alternatively, when hovering over the RatingsDirect tab you’ll see that within the options there’s a whole segment dedicated to Criteria. If you select Table of Contents you’ll then be taken to the screen below where there is a multitude of criteria for you to access. You can find more about criteria in our Quick Start Guide on page 9.

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RatingsDirect on the S&P Capital IQ platform offers powerful search capabilities to help you find research and thought leadership articles published by S&P Global Ratings faster.

S&P Global Ratings Research can be retrieved in different ways, such as scrolling over the RatingsDirect tab and clicking S&P Research. Additionally, it can be accessed by clicking on the blue tab called S&P Research that is added when you apply the RatingsDirect profile, or directly from a company's profile by clicking S&P Research in the left link under RatingsDirect.

From the S&P Research page, you can search for research by company, keyword, report type, and date. Once you have made your selections click the Search button on the bottom right. Click any hyperlinked headline to access the article or click the PDF icon to download the article.

The best way to customise a search is to utilise the Advanced Search tab. From this tab you can specify Companies/Lists, Keywords, Date Ranges, Sectors, Geographies and also have the capability of filtering by Authors/Analysts.

Our keyword searches uses the Boolean function to retrieve the search results you’re looking for. Boolean is a subset of algebra (using expressions such as AND, OR, and NOT) used for creating true/false statements. Our logic optimises your search by looking for possible variations of the words you enter – regardless of which Boolean function you use. To search for the exact word or phrase, use quotation marks around your search items.

*Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

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