1. RatingsDirect® Settings

We built the RatingsDirect platform with your workflow in mind. Here you'll learn how to adjust settings and have the opportunity to customise your S&P Capital IQ platform experience so that you can quickly find the content that matters most to you.

Profile & Search Settings | Create Shortcuts | Monitor Watch Lists | Tailor Your Settings

Profile & Search Settings

PageOne is the RatingsDirect Home Page that provides topical research from S&P Global Ratings, as well as recent actions and updates, industry trends, and new S&P Global Ratings research. This can be accessed from the S&P Capital IQ Platform by clicking on the RatingsDirect® tab.

Updating your RatingsDirect profile allows you to customise your view of the platform to fit your specific needs. Begin by clicking on the Apply RatingsDirect Profile button, and select the primary content that is relevant to you. Doing this will ensure that RatingsDirect remains visible in the blue ribbon at the top of the platform. Through this section you can also specify other customisations that prioritise content from RatingsDirect.  

RatingsDirect Settings

You will now have RatingsDirect as your default search to find everything published by S&P Global Ratings through our intuitive RatingsDirect search bar.

Entity & Research

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Create shortcuts to your sector specific landing pages

Create shortcuts enabling you to quickly access your industry specific overview, as you navigate through the RatingsDirect platform. Hover over RatingsDirect and select Industrials. Once selected, click into Refine Industries, and from here you can choose your relevant sub-sector.

Create Shortcuts

Create Shortcuts

Once on the relevant sector page, press the plus (+) button which is highlighted in the image below. Once in this window, enter a name for the tab and press Save.


Monitor bespoke watch lists

With Watch Lists you're able to track ratings actions, recent developments, and monitor the risk profile of your bespoke watch list in a centralised location. 

RatingsDirect - Watch Lists

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Tailor your settings

Specify what you want your default settings to be, and enhance your workflow. Hover over My Capital IQ and click into Settings. Here you can specify your currency, regional preferences, and more. After tailoring to your liking, once back onto the platform all your changes will be in action.

This means that when you're navigating there will be no need to continuously update your preferences when moving across different pages.

*Screenshots are for illustrative purposes only.

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