S&P Dow Jones Indices (SPDJI) Constituent Removal from Compustat as of Mid-July

Who is impacted?
Customers subscribing to Compustat that are using SPDJI constituent names (current or historical) and add/drops data.

What is happening?

• SPDJI constituent names data will be removed from Compustat in July 2020
• Replacement packages are available if customers wish to license with SPDJI

Why are SPDJI constituent names being removed from Compustat?
This was not a decision made by S&P Global Market Intelligence. Rather, this is a mandate we must comply with coming directly from SPDJI as they are no longer allowing their constituents to be included in the core Compustat product. Because of this we must remove their constituent names data and ask that users in need of the data license it accordingly per their terms.

What if I still need index constituents for my research?
There will be two new options, both of which can be delivered to you via Xpressfeed:

1. Current Constituents Names Package: if you need current constituents only, this is now complimentary content requiring no end-user agreement with SPDJI

2. Historical Constituents Name Package: if historical constituents are needed, this is now licensed content requiring an end-user agreement with SPDJI

We apologize greatly for any disruption to your research that this may cause. If you have further questions about this or to find out about SPDJI direct licensing please reach out to your S&P Global Relationship Manager. Aren’t sure who your Relationship Manager is? Please contact Client Support at +1-888-275-2822 or [email protected] and they can put you in touch.

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