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February 2020
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DBS Group expects virus outbreak to cut 2020 revenue by 1%-2%

DBS Group Holdings Ltd. expects the novel coronavirus outbreak to cut its revenue by 1% to 2% in 2020, citing reduced consumer spending and lower demand for its treasury business, CEO Piyush Gupta said.

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Academic Resource Center

The Academia Resource Center is a resource that will aid faculty, students and other staff to support deeper engagement for yourself and your students with tips and best practice for navigating our data and solutions-based platforms.


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Digital banking battles will play out in Southeast Asia's shopping

Technology companies jostling to become banks in Singapore demonstrate a growing convergence between e-commerce and banking in Southeast Asia. S&P Global Market Intelligence’s research shows that at least two online shopping businesses eyeing licenses have already earned their banking stripes.


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Explaining Algorithmic Decisions: A Technical Primer 
New York University School of Law

Take a broad technical overview of how algorithms work and what tools exist to interrogate how they come to decisions. It is aimed at a non-technical audience and builds off of technical and ontological scholarship from the nascent field of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI)


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RateWatch Scholar
Unbiased data.  Unrivaled coverage.

Our RateWatch Scholar solution provides academic institutions with comprehensive and time-tested RateWatch data. Historical interest rate data powers research insights in the fields of economics, finance, and more. Your research needs access to the real-world tools that are current and precise, as well as standardized data to make fair and consistent comparisons.

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Assessing The Impact Of Climate-Related Transition Scenarios on Public Firms' Creditworthiness
February 19, 2020

Climate change due to anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is responsible for significant financial losses worldwide. Alongside this, a new financial risk is generated by government policies introducing/increasing a carbon tax.

In the first of our Climate Linked Credit Analytics webinar series, we’ll be looking at the impact of climate-related transition scenarios on public firms’ creditworthiness.

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State of the Market: Mining Q4-2019 + 2020 Outlook Update

The closing months of 2019 again saw large moves among the main globally traded metals as the bearish tones of the third quarter began to stabilize somewhat. Chinese PMIs saw a degree of recovery, with some industrial indicators such as automobile production, while goods and data from the China Electricity Council all coming in with positive figures. Meanwhile, nickel prices fell sharply over the quarter, driven not by fundamentals but the unfolding of Indonesian policy announcements and selling pressure.
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