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Public Sector Resource Center
Gain the most from your Market Intelligence platform subscription.

Vital solutions for government and regulatory agencies. Use Market Intelligence data and insights to simplify your workflow and strengthen your analysis. 

In the public sector, workflows and directives vary greatly from department to department, role to role. And in an environment where budget and productivity are at odds, it’s imperative to keep track of internal resources and ensure they’re being consolidated and leveraged to full potential. As the global policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic ramps up to unprecedented levels, the financial markets feel the impact, while many adjust to a more flexible and digital working style. Our proprietary news, data, analytics, and web-based, flexible solutions prepare you to monitor the business and economic impact, from corporate credit to supply chains.

Now more than ever your organization needs data, analytics and expertise that spans the globe, with local insights for actionable intelligence. Let us help get you there.

Deep Company Research

Investigate Relationships & Supply Chain

Assess & Monitor Risk

Strategic Regulatory & Reporting

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Produce reliable, relevant, and informative research to support policy changes, new governance requirements, and other agency projects. Screen for sector-specific trends by combining company fundamentals with qualitative and event-focused criteria.

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Monitor cross-border company interactions to create transparency into company relationships. Assess operations of potential government contractors to better understand vendor and geographic risk. Understand the end-to-end supply chain of manufacturers distributing goods in a specific region or country.

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Examine the credit health of counterparties and suppliers to better understand exposure and probability of default. Conduct sector analysis and benchmark bond prices against daily corporate yield curve and spread data using factors like credit rating, currency, and industry. Use Credit Analytics to assess the creditworthiness of companies

Stay ahead of the changing regulatory landscape. Use resources to understand IFRS9, CECL, Solvency II and MiFID II, formulate future default and ratings migration scenarios and validate internal rating systems.

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 Your workflow simplified. 

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PANJIVA Case Study Spotlight

As COVID-19 swept across the U.S., many local governments were required to take swift action to help support their regional health care systems, schools, and other public agencies by securing sources of personal protective equipment (PPE). A worldwide shortage of PPE, however, made this a very challenging task.

The procurement team at this Arizona-based public health provider played a pivotal role in proactively looking to identify providers of gloves, facemasks, gowns, ventilators, and other highly sought-after items needed in its jurisdiction. Discover how.

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