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Refresher Video Modules

Access these concise, workflow-based training videos that provide key step-by-step guidance for various actions within our platforms. Whether you are getting started or simply need a refresh on capabilities – we have the solutions for your tasks. Take a deep dive into the advanced hands-on training for higher-level workflows to work smarter and more efficiently.

Office Tools: Market Intelligence Office Tools is a suite of productivity tools in Excel, PowerPoint and Word that allow you to quickly build, format and audit models. The linking feature links content from your Excel model, to either PowerPoint or Word, which updates for new changes at the click of a button. Join us for a live session to learn how you can save time and focus more on the analytical part of your work.

Regulator Training Series: In this webinar we discuss how you can use SNL's dashboard, email alerts and the website content to stay abreast of any developments related to the institutions that you monitor. We take a look at customizing news, tailoring alerts and using other web content that will keep you updated at all times.

Regulator Training Series: Peer Bench-marking Using SNL Tools: In this webinar we take a look at SNL's powerful web-based bench-marking tools. We learn how you can use these to compare performance of an institution relative to its peers, generate peer trend charts and run canned reports within seconds to perform analysis on the go. Also, we see how SNL enables you to monitor institutional owner's shareholding and identify primary stakeholders. We also compare institutions' ratings as provided by various credit rating agencies.

Regulator Training Series: Performing Macroprudential Analysis (country profiles, macroeconomic indicators and industry aggregates): In this webinar we discuss how you can use SNL's country level data to monitor the health of a financial system. We take a look at the economic and demographic data, country specific news, industry aggregates as well as ranking reports that allow you to understand and monitor the banking industry in a specific country better.

Regulator Training Series: Performing Microprudential Supervision using SNL WebsiteIn this webinar we discuss in detail SNL's granular fundamental data on banks. We take a deep dive into the corporate structure, market performance, financial statements, capital structure and credit ratings of a sample bank. You can use this data to conduct your research in a time-efficient manner and with complete transparency.

Regulator Training Series: Working with SNL's Excel Add-inIn this webinar we explore the power of SNL's Excel add-in and see how you can use this to create detailed monitoring reports for a single institution, or compare various institutions side by side. We talk about the various flexibility options that the tool provides you and how they enable you to save a lot of time.

  • Dashboards, News and Mobile: Review our most popular tools for monitoring companies and markets: Dashboards, News, and our Mobile App.
  • Charting: Learn to use our flexible, intuitive charting tool for customizable analysis of company and market performance over time.
  • Mapping: Learn how to get a bird’s-eye view of your market, allowing you to identify new opportunities, visualize a merger, or simply spruce up a presentation with crisp images and detailed information.
  • Excel, Models & Screener: Learn how to leverage our Excel add-in, custom models, and Screener tool for in-depth research and analysis.

Excellence requires more than a sharp mind. In today's competitive world of academia, excellence requires access to respected, comprehensive data.

We not only provide that data, but whether your need is curriculum-based, project-oriented, or research-focused, we have the tools to make you smarter with every click.

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