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In a time of unprecedented disruption, where can you turn for trusted perspectives and flexible access?  

Now more than ever, we strive to connect, innovate and share valuable insights with our customers. For faculty, this means flexing outside traditional instruction and embracing digital learning. For students, this means off-campus access to tools and resources to help you succeed.

Our powerful data solutions provide a deep dive into today’s rapidly evolving markets, across all sectors. Stay up-to-date on cutting edge data, research and emerging technology, supply chain disruptions, regulatory challenges and more. Let us help get you there. 

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Keep your students up-to-date with our powerful data solutions that provide a deep dive into rapidly evolving markets, across all sectors. Revolutionize your business program with access to the same  comprehensive information on companies, markets and people worldwide that analysts and investors use on Wall Street. Conduct research in a finance lab or virtually with anywhere, anytime access model to refine your curriculum.

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Quickly create custom analysis using our powerful financial modeling application. Evaluate company performance, produce in-depth peer comparisons and conduct long-term, actionable backtest research to broaden and enhance your analysis.Whether in the finance
lab, classroom or library, we not only provide the data, but we make you smarter with every click

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Enrich your program with exclusive resources to gain valuable industry- and job-specific training via educational video modules, including our partnership with Training the Street and much more. Training the Street has been preparing financial professionals for success by incorporating a dynamic mix of live instruction, class collaboration, and technical fundamentals, bringing finance fundamentals to life. Plus our Product Specialists' Refresher Video Module series. 

3-Seat Desktops

Access the essential Microsoft Office add-in for heavy data lifting and customization. Using our proprietary Office Tools, enhance students ability  to create customized models, unique analysis, pre-built templates, discover Excel screening, and more: all with one-click. Combine the efficiency of tools created for Microsoft Office with the power of comprehensive data—and draw your own conclusions.

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 Dedicated solutions and insights to simplify your analysis. 

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