S&P Capital IQ in the Classroom

Take a deep dive with three insightful courses: learn how you can apply our data and tools to your classroom needs.

About Our Academic
Prof. JP Tremblay, University of Denver 

Professor JP Tremblay, is a CFA and Associate Teaching Professor at the Reiman School of Finance, Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver and Academic Advisor to the Finance Club and Marsico student-managed Investment Fund. His courses cover: investment management, securities analysis and valuation, portfolio management and risk analytics. Previously, Professor Tremblay managed a portfolio of financial data products and analytical software platforms for the global institutional investment management market. He was also co-portfolio manager of a long/short equity hedge fund and private wealth management firm based in Denver, CO.

Course 1 - Introduction to Capital IQ (41:16)

This course provides an introduction to the basic layout & data content areas of CIQ: companies, people, and transactions. Through the screening tool, we review 3 case studies by screening on those areas.

Course 2: Security Analysis

This course digs deep into security analysis as a 5 part series with corresponding practice exercises on the equity research process, financial analysis, industry research, and valuation techniques.

Part 1 - The Equity Research Process (35:57):
Learn how to understand the business by reviewing SEC Filings, Transcripts, Key Developments, & Segments Data. Review the management of a firm through key Professionals, Compensation Incentives & Public Ownership, and expand research of the industry-specific metrics of a firm.

Practice Exercise – Write a Business Description for Party City Holdco (PRTY)

Part 2 - Understanding the Industry (12:09): 
Get to know the industry by reviewing CFRA reports through the NetAdvantage add-on, while also exploring Macroeconomic Data, Industry Aggregates, & Index Level Fundamentals.

Practice Exercise – Perform an Industry Analysis on the "Specialty Retail" industry for Best Buy (BBY)

Part 3 - Financial Analysis (10:36): 
Dig deep into company financials by analyzing the Income Statement (standard vs. as-presented) & Balance Sheet (CIQ auditing). Learn why the DuPont Analysis is an important tool and see how the Excel Plug-in templates can be leveraged.

Practice Exercise – Perform a DuPont Analysis on Southwest Airlines (LUV)

Part 4 - Equity Valuation (27:22): 
Understand what the Equity Valuation method entails by looking at a firm's Consensus Estimates and review CFRA Stock Reports through the NetAdvantage Add-On. Learn how to apply Discounted Cash Flow through Free Cash Flow Forecast Modeling, Revenue Forecasting & Cost of Capital/WACC. Apply Cost of Debt analysis by evaluating Capital Structure, Corporate Yield Curves, and Credit Ratings.

Practice Exercise – Calculate the Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) for Southwest Airlines (LUV)

Part 5 - Relative Valuations (16:03): 
Learn the 5 steps to Relative Valuation as you explore Comparable Analysis.

Practice Exercise – Apply Relative Valuation to value Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) using TV/EBITDA Ratio

Course 3:  S&P Capital IQ for Student Managed Funds

This course provides a two-part review of how to use S&P Capital IQ for quantitative analysis and portfolio management courses which can be directly applied to your student managed investment funds.

Part 1 - Portfolio Management (7:56): Learn the Portfolio Analysis Tear Sheet Components by reviewing the importance of your Portfolio Characteristics, Sector Allocation, Return & Risk Analysis, and Performance Attribution. Find out how CIQ can help monitor your portfolio.

Part 2 - Quantitative Analysis with the Alpha Factor Library (13:49): 

Discover the power behind the Alpha Factor Library add-on tool and find out what factors in your portfolio are working. Explore the Valuation Library, understand Factor Performance (return, IC and regime) and learn about the importance of Factor Comparison.

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