S&P Capital IQ Pro Workflow Solutions: Utilities

Evaluate opportunities on power projects, conduct plant valuations, track natural gas pipelines, and stay ahead on the latest developments across the electric and water utilities, and the coal sector. Request a refresher training >

Use Case Capabilities Workflow Suggestions
Regulatory and Rate Case Professional Commission Profiles
  • Evaluate commission profiles to understand the workings and nuances of each jurisdiction. RRA rankings provide insight into the expected levels of investment returns.
Pending and Past Rate Cases
  • Check out pending and past electric vertically integrated, transmission, and distribution case files and analysis reports on each rate case.
Research Library
  • Through our Research Library find information by key regulatory topics and specific companies quickly filtering by jurisdiction and time.
Rates & Tariffs News
  • Analyze regulatory updates on electric utility rate case applications, activities, and decisions.
  • Check in on the FERC regulatory review on equity returns and pipeline policies.
  • Research on the latest electric utility regulatory outlook.
Commodities Trading
Commodity Chart, Screener
  • Access 10 year Power Forwards & Futures monthly forward strips for marking contracts to market.
  • Calculate if spark spreads showed growth, indicating a profitable investment environment for new generation across several markets.
  • Quickly check on the Natural Gas Forwards& Futures10 year monthly forward strips for market analysis on basis differentials from various hubs and regions.

Electric Generation and Power Grid News
  • Research and analyses on demand response on the ISO markets and transmission outlooks for generation strategy.
  • Use our comprehensive coverage on power plant data to understand fuel and capacity trends in the market.
  • Get updates on assets with highest potential risk of early retirement for supply and demand forecasting.

Power Plant Briefing Book, Utility Briefing Book,
Assets and Operations
  • Analyzenet generation and forecasted revenue trends for plant and unit profitability.
  • Evaluate power plant health on operational and financial metrics for cost impacts and power price analysis.
Corporate Strategy and M&A
Research Library
  • Analyze regulated cost of capital calculations, return on equity, discounted cash flow models, cost of debt and credit ratings that can assist with revenue forecasts and project finance.

Screener and Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Create more accurate valuations by applying the standard valuation methods, including DCF, Comparable Analysis, and Multiple Analysis.
  • Incorporate market-based revenue and cost drivers, including forward and spot pricing to develop more relevant valuations.
  • Integrate the role of PPA’s, and other financial arrangements that affect the value of a deal.

  • Track a firm’s most recent transaction details: target, type, profile, and value.

WACC Template
  • Utilize our prebuilt templates on WACC to perform cost of debt and equity sensitivity analysis.

Power Plant Pro Forma Operating and Financials Forecast Template
  • Perform power plant pro-forma operating and finance projections to assess impacts on asset level operating margins.
Financial Accounting, Planning & Analysis
Company Briefing Book
  • Quickly gauge a company’s financial health, credit performance and outlook, and earnings estimates for the next twelve months.

Screener, Power Plant Data
  • Access power prices and historic plant operational metrics to canvass the surrounding power market.

Screener, Power Plant and Market Data
  • Calculate potential cash flows through inter and intra market spreads for power plants.
  • Utilize power prices, expected capacity revenue, and O&M expenses to model plant revenues and identify the potential need for aid.

Earnings and Guidance News
  • Stay up to date on the latest news on earnings and guidance of competitors.
Utility Operations Professional, Generation Planner, Portfolio Manager Generation Supply Curve
  • Utilize our generation supply curve to evaluate the supply stack to compare where various power plants fit within each region and the impact of changing fuel costs on dispatch and pricing.
Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Evaluate power plant health on operational and financial metrics for cost impacts and power price analysis.
  • Analyze net generation and forecasted revenue trends for plant and unit profitability.
Screener, Power Plant Data
  • Pull a unit’s modeled O&M expenses to identify costs associated with running the plant.
  • Utilize power plant unit level attributes: turbine details, O&M data, operating capacity, net generation, and heat rate metrics for generation planning and efficiency.
  • Generate a list of units that are set to retire or undergo fuel conversions in order to see where power will be coming off the grid.
Power Plant Units and Projects Template
  • Access also our Power Projects Units Template and Power Projects for capacity additions, new project builds, and development projects.
Investment Analyst
Capital Markets News
  • Gain insights on equity market updates for potential investment and market opportunities.
  • Research on utility developments, projected capacity, and reliability for market analyses and demand analytics for prospective investors.
  • Track utility and asset movement along the energy value chain for bottom-up valuation.
  • Analyze recent trends in market performance, price changes, total returns and CDS.
Company Briefing Book
  • Develop cash flow models from analyzing utility earnings and financial conditions to identify appropriate fund investment.
Screener, Company Data
  • Benchmark utility financial health against industry peers to generate a list of potential private or public investments.
Treasury, Credit Risk, and Cash Management Credit Ratings, Research, Ratings News
  • Monitor fluctuating market conditions and other factors that impact a firm's credit health.
  • Understand a utility’s credit outlook and ratings history to help measure their credit worthiness.
RRA, Utility Briefing Book, Dashboard
  • Utilize our financial research and analysis on ROTC, ROE, regulatory issues, earnings, and market price performance to evaluate counterparty risk.
Screener, Power Plant Data
  • Rank company PPA portfolios with the most low-grade credit quality contracts to identify plant owners with the most at-risk capacity.
  • Identify owners of at risk assets in order to see which companies may lose streams of income to early retirement.
Screener, Power Plant Data, Ratings
  • Identify counterparties with medium to low-grade ratings to find those presenting the greatest contract risk.
Screener, Market Data
  • Access and assess volatility in prices between current daily ISO assessments vs 10 year monthly forward strips.
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