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Renewable Energy

This is your single source for evaluating regional supply and demand, new capacity build opportunities for wind and solar, energy storage projects, and the shifting regulatory landscapes in North America. Request a refresher training >

Use Case Capabilities Workflow Suggestions
Renewables - Project Developer Screener, Power Plant Briefing Book, Project Profiles
  • Screen for power plants and projects that match the RFP criteria by customizing searches for locations, ownership and PPA details.
Documents, Filings, and News
  • Respond timely to solar generation RFP by using our news and document alerts to track RFP/IRPs as they are issued.
Mapping, Screener, Power Project and Plant Briefing Books
  • Scan the landscape to identify build and restricted areas for new projects.
Batteries Template, Transmission, and Mapping
  •  Evaluate areas for potential small-scale storage facilities by examining existing voltage lines and substation infrastructure.

Mapping, Commodity Pricing, Transmission, and Substations Data
  • Create a heat map of LMP prices to identify regions that require new generation, transmission lines and substation resources.
Renewables - Operations & Market Analyst Key Developments and News
  • Remain on top of the changing landscape with real-time alerts.

Mapping, Power Plant Data
  • Visualize the entire energy landscape on our interactive mapping tool and stay on top of infrastructure developments and market trends.

Mapping, Power Forecast
  • Utilize our proximity analysis tool to map out renewable assets to market pricing points for revenue projections.

ESG Homepage
  • Access our ESG home page to get access to the latest ESG trends, news, and events.
  • Have a quick snapshot of utilities with the lowest environmental cost.

Screener, Power Plant Briefing Book, Distributed Generation - Solar
  • Find and compare operational and planned renewable plants including residential and non-residential PV systems.
Renewable Developer - Strategic M&A
Power Plant Contacts
  • Use our database and find contacts at power plants/companies.

Power Forecast
  • Use our 20-year fundamental Power Forecast to model future cash flows

Screener, GSC, Power Forecast, Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Benchmark a project's value against the rest of the market.

Market Pricing
  • Access nodal pricing information of 35,000 locations to quantify historical energy revenue and understand the potential value of projects.

News and Alerts
  • Get the latest updates on renewable asset transactions to better track market activity.
Screener, Power Plant Data and Financials
  • Scan for renewable projects with PPAs to ensure a fixed cash flow and profitable acquisition.
Renewable Developer - Distributed Generation Distributed Generation
  • Leverage distributed generation data to gauge solar penetration by utility service territory.
  • Dive into installer level data by region to analyze the evolution in installation costs and system efficiency.
  • View projects by module and inverter manufacturer to capture competitor market share.
  • Compare manufacturers to estimate small-scale solar installation costs.

Distributed Generation and Mapping
  • Map projects and demographic data to identify installation opportunities by region.

News and Alerts
  • Customize your alerts for immediate information on movements in the distributed generation space.
Renewables - Project Finance
  • Gather the latest macro-economic trends and indicators for financial and economic evaluations of projects.
Power Forecast
  • Utilize hourly regional power price forecasts to generate revenue projections for wind and solar plants.
  • Estimate arbitrage opportunities for battery storage to understand its revenue generating potential with hourly power price volatility.
  • Adjust regional revenue forecasts for nodal basis to approximate the financial impact of congestion and marginal losses on plants..
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The S&P Capital IQ platform combines deep and broad global financial intelligence with an array of tools for analysis and efficiency.

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Office Tools allows you to create refreshable models, snag pre-built templates, discover built-in Excel screening, and more.


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is the official desktop source for S&P Global Ratings' credit ratings and research and combines ratings with comprehensive market data and risk indicators.

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The Market Intelligence platform is available to Barclays. If you need access, please reach out to your Relationship Manager.

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