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As the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic emerges and global restrictions take a heavy toll on industries, our insights and data can help you to make sense of the changing markets. Request a refresher training >

Use Case Capabilities Workflow Suggestions
Regulatory and Rate Case Professional RRA Research
  • Get the latest on non-rate case commission proceedings on M&A, COVID, power plants, EVs, and grid modernization.
  • Examine the effect of COVID on energy utilities CAPEX from our Quarterly Utility Capital Expenditures Report.
  • Canvass for any potential challenges and longer-term impacts of COVID on FERC jurisdictional entities, rate case slowdowns, power disruptions, or utility challenges due to COVID from our RRA Focus Notes.
  • Track the slow down caused by COVID and the development of rate cases on a state by state basis using our Major Utility Rate Case Reports.
  • Analyze the repercussions of COVID on the regulatory climate using our regulatory news and Evaluations reports.
Corporate Strategy and M&A Company Briefing Book
  • Comprehensively analyze estimate changes for select companies since the onset of COVID-19.
  • Identify broker recommendation trends for EPS and dividend metrics on a scatter plot.
  • Identify industry specific financial forecasts for up to 3 years.
  • Download consensus and sentiment analysis trends for desired companies.

Peer Comparables Template
  •  Utilize our Peer Comparables Template to see how competitors and counterparties are performing amidst the COVID pandemic.

Summary Comparables Templates
  • Leverage Summary Comparables Template to get quick insights on utility valuation, contraction, or growth.
Energy Market Analyst
Power Forecast
  • Analyze short and long term energy prices and natural gas supply and demand across affected regions.

Mapping, LMPs, Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Monitor research and news within the global energy markets to get updates on energy industry and COVID-19 trends that affect investment center decision making

Mapping, Market Prices
  • Visualize demographic data, COVID-19 affected areas, and LMPs to see low demand areas and adjust power plant revenue projections.

Screener and Regulated Energy Companies
  • Breakdown the regulated utility customer base by commercial, industrial, and residential areas to analyze the potential shift in revenue generating markets.

Company and Power Plant Briefing Books
  • Evaluate financial viability and liquidity risk of counterparties to avoid risks of default

News, Mapping, Screener, Power Plant Data
  • Map and compare power plant operational metrics across regions to better analyze possible declines in profit margins, specifically, in high mortality rate areas.
Power Project Developer
  • Get daily updates on the latest news on COVID-19 and project developments.

Country Risk Assessments
  • Analyze political and security country risk for new builds and investments across geographic regions.

Supply Chain Research
  • Gather insights on pandemic supply chain impact for new unit or project builds for OEM deliveries.

Fossil Fuel Deliveries
  • Measure transportation and fuel supply and demand risk analysis of coal mine production and deliveries in relation to pandemic infected regions and routes.
World Electric Power Plants Template
  • Map with our UDI power plants data set planned, or under construction within COVID-19 affected areas to evaluate operational risk.

Power Forecast and Plant Plant Briefing Book
  • Correlate potential changes in US based power plant operational and financial forecasts with recent COVID-19 events.
Coal Producer
Fossil Fuel Deliveries, Coal Mine Properties, Mapping
  • Analyze coal supply and demand trends across COVID-19 affected regions to see current and potential drops in demand.

Commodities Estimates
  • Hedge against forecasted supply and demand to prevent any potential losses on commodity price market volatility.
Mapping, Coal Mine Imports and Exports, Coal Forecast
  • Forecast supply in coal producing regions and demand by industrial and electrical consumption, for inventory planning.
Coal Plant Monthly Operations, Coal Deliveries by Mine and Region Templates
  • Compare coal plant operations to adjust fuel procurement contracts using our Coal Plant Monthly Operations and Coal Deliveries by Mine and Region templates.

Mapping, Fossil Fuel Delivery
  • Analyze transportation and fossil fuel delivery risk from coal mines in escalated COVID-19 areas.
Mapping, Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Drill down on coal delivery operation risk, for both US imports and exports, on a state or country level basis.
Oil & Gas Supply and Demand Analyst Power Forecast
  • Monitor changes in power price, natural gas price and capacity price projections due to COVID and its impact on price projections.
Fossil Fuel Deliveries
  • Estimate potential drops in demand for fossil fuel deliveries on by State based on year-on-year comparisons
Power Plant Briefing Book
  • Track power plant project development and retirement plans that may be delayed because of COVID.
Operational Available Capacity
  • Compare changes of pipeline flows pre versus post COVID periods to gauge the pandemic impact on pipeline capacities and utilization rates.
Alerts and News
  • Be alerted on our latest COVID related news for the oil & gas sector.
Ratings, Company Briefing Book, Index of Customers
  • Evaluate counterparty risk on gas utilities, power plants, and pipelines since COVID by offtaker ratings changes and pipeline contract duration and expiration.
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