Evaluate opportunities in the renewable energy sector with essential intelligence.

S&P Global Market Intelligence provides essential intelligence, integrating financial and industry data, research, and news into tools that help you make decisions with confidence across the power and renewable energy sectors. Our actionable insights help you track performance, conduct valuations, identify new opportunities, understand energy industry dynamics, and assess risk.

Learn how our Market Intelligence platform can help you:

Identify RFPs and opportunities in the renewable energy market

  • Respond timely to solar generation RFP by using our news and document alerts to track RFP/IRPs as they are issued
  • Screen for power plants and projects that match the RFP criteria by customizing search on locations, ownership and PPA details
  • Use our database and find contacts at power plants/companies

Assess the power landscape

  • Find and compare operational and planned renewable plants: conventional generation, wind, and utility-scale plus commercial-scale solar
  • Access nodal pricing information of 35,000 locations to quantify historical energy revenue and understand the potential value of projects
  • Stay ahead of the latest market developments with our daily newsletters
  • Visualize the entire energy landscape on an interactive map and stay on top of infrastructure developements and market trends

Determine potential value of projects 

  • Use our 20-year fundamental Power Forecast to model future cash flows
  • Benchmark a project's value against the rest of the market
Discover opportunities with our distributed solar generation data to

  • Leverage distributed generation data to gauge solar penetration by utility service territory
  • Dive into installer level data by region to analyze the shift in installation cost and system efficiency
  • Map projects and demographic data to identify installation opportunities by region

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