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S&P Global Market Intelligence's proprietary mining research reports provide essential intelligence on the global mining industry. Our analysts turn raw data into valuable insights with analysis of historical and current mining trends as well as forecasts of supply pipelines. Our reports examine the current state and outlook of the mining industry, focusing on data-driven trends in mining exploration, metals production, mining deals, mine economics and capital raising.

February 2017:

Worldwide Mining Exploration Trends

worldwide mining exploration trends
2016 marked the fourth consecutive year of declining mining exploration expenditure, and the industry has slashed its budget on the search for metals to barely one-third of the record high of US$21.5 billion allocated in 2012.

The 16 page report is an extract of S&P Global Market Intelligence's Corporate Exploration Strategies report series and provides valuable insight into:

  • Improved metals price and Trump's impact on the market
  • Trends and patterns of exploration spending by mining company,
    region and commodity type
  • State of the mining industry

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Larger mining players account for 31% of
global exploration budgets

The mining companies with the 20 largest exploration budgets in 2016 allocated a total of US$2.16 billion for exploration during the year, accounting for 31% of the US$6.89 billion worldwide exploration total. Download the full report and find out:

  • How the ranking of exploration budgets by mining companies have changed over the year
  • Allocation of regional exploration budgets by the top 10 mining companies
  • Worldwide allocation VS. major mining companies share of exploration budgets in the top 10 countries

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Infographic: Mining in Africa

africa mining industry
For an overview of key mining activities in Africa, including drilling and development activity, commodity revenues, reserves and resources in situ values, capital raisings and corporate exploration budgets, download the infographic

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