World Mineral Exploration Review and Outlook
By Matthew Piggott | October 30

According to the preliminary analysis of S&P Global Market Intelligence's 2018 Corporate Exploration Strategies publication, the estimated total annual global nonferrous exploration budget has increased for the second time since 2012, rising by almost 19% year over year to US$10.1 billion from US$8.5 billion in 2017. As we near the close of 2018, how did the mineral exploration landscape perform across commodities? Is there a cause for optimism?

To learn more, review a presentation delivered by S&P Global Market Intelligence's Head of Metals & Mining Research Matthew Piggott at the China Mining Congress 2018 in Tianjin, China.  Discover mineral exploration trends in 2018 with focus on:

  • Price backdrop
  • Exploration budgets
  • Reserve base
  • Discovery rates
  • Margins
  • Conclusion
Be armed with essential insights on mineral exploration.
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