Seamlessly assess the credit risk of industries during economic instability with Credit Analytics and Global Link Model.

Assess the short- and long-term risk implications of the market volatility with cutting-edge solutions, robust data, and intuitive analytics from S&P Global Market Intelligence.

  • Assess current credit risk impact with our suite of statistical-based models that provide a holistic and timely assessment of a company’s creditworthiness comprising quantitative elements of a company’s fundamental credit risk and market-based signals.
  • Estimate how a company’s future credit risk may change by leveraging forward-looking macroeconomic scenarios.

  • Identify country-specific impacts on the economy with forward-looking macroeconomic scenarios from our proprietary model that links 68 individual country models with key global drivers of performance and provides quarterly updated baseline forecasts and 30-year outlooks, so you have all the data you need for current decisions as well as longer-term planning. 

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