University Essentials: Resilience in Vital Supply Chains


Title: University Essentials: Resilience in Vital Supply Chains

Duration: 1 hour

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In February 2021, Biden enacted an executive order on America’s Supply Chains to “revitalize and rebuild domestic manufacturing capacity, maintain America’s competitive edge in research and development, and create well-paying jobs”. The order was aimed at establishing resilient supply chains, as a direct impact of the failure by many sovereigns’ to maintain effective access to vital supplies during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, last year.

Join S&P Global Market Intelligence Research Analyst, Eric Oak, alongside Dr. Robert Handfield of North Carolina State, and former Chief Procurement And Supply Chain Officer - Tom Linton, to explore pandemic impacts, emerging supply chain trends and insights on what recovery might resemble, a year after COVID-19 altered supply chains, access and availability to vital goods, globally.

  • Examine emerging trends on the supply chain
  • Review global policy shifts from pandemic to recovery
  • Explore land to cost assumptions, diversification and long-term mandates for vital supplies from PPE to vaccine distribution
  • Insights and analysis on efforts to enact Supply Chain Redesign with the new Administration and global shifts in need

Rachanna Haffner
Associate Director, Academia
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Eric Oak
Supply Chain Research Analyst
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Dr. Robert Handfield
Professor of Supply Chain
North Carolina State College of Management
Tom Linton
Senior Advisor
McKinsey & Company

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