University Essentials: COVID-19 Recovery, ESG & Sustainability in Business


Title: University Essentials: COVID-19 Recovery, ESG & Sustainability in Business

Duration: 1 hour

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The rapid slowdown in the global economy stemming from the novel Coronavirus outbreak is generating spillover effects in Latin American countries. Mexico and Brazil, the two largest economies, are expected to contract this year. With over 250,000 confirmed cases in the region, there is a strong likelihood that it will lose several points of GDP because of the pandemic, and its various implications, by the end of the year.

Join S&P Global ESG Benchmarking expert, Jvan Gaffuri, alongside esteemed professors, from EGADE Business School – Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey and Insper Learning Institution, for an interactive discussion on current challenges, insights on economic opportunities and recovery, through the lens of transformative opportunities, including, how the financial system can play a critical role, via investments align environmental, social, and corporate governance. And what creating resilience may look like for Latin America, broadly.

Attendees will gain insights into the following:

  • Dominant ESG issues in Latin America
  • ESG integration, current metrics, opportunities and challenges to adoption
  • Shifts in investor, financial institutions approach to more equitable, ethical, risk-avoidant investments
  • Diversity metrics and potential for policies to advance gender and ethnic diversity
  • Potential and emerging risks, with insights on creating resilience for Latin America

Rachanna Haffner
Associate Director of Public Sector – Academia
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Jvan Gaffuri
Director, ESG Benchmarking
S&P Global
Jesús Gustavo Garza García
Professor – EGADE Business School, Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey
CEO – Soluciones Financieras Gamma

Andrea Minardi
Professor & Senior Research Fellow – Insper Learning Institution
Board Member – Climate Smart Institute

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