University Essentials: COVID-19, Curriculum & Campus


Title: University Essentials: COVID-19, Curriculum & Campus

Duration: 1 Hour

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Around the globe this fall, college life will vastly differ from campus to campus — a hybrid that echoes the challenges and change from the widespread COVID-19 crisis, as some move toward reopening and others keep their communities mostly closed.

Join us for interactive discussion with esteemed panelists from across S&P Global, both Government Affairs and 451 Research alongside guest speakers from Temple University and University of Pittsburgh, for a deep dive into the challenges Students and Academic Faculty face, as they embark learning post-pandemic. Attendees will gain insights on the evolving, educational policy response plus learn recent research around the COVID impact to businesses, remote learning environments, the need for increased IT spend and enhanced security protocols, and much more.

Attendees will gain key insights into the following:

• An exploration of overall customer experiences in digital environments, exacerbated by COVID-19
• Examination of curriculum shifts, through all digital/remote learning and skeleton staff
• In-depth research on access and equity within campuses, globally

Kellin Clark (Moderator)
Director – Government Affairs
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Sheryl Kingstone
Research Vice President for Customer Experience, 451 Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Akin Sayrak
Clinical Assistant Professor of Business Administration
University of Pittsburgh, Finance
Bora Ozkan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Finance and Academic Director of OMBA & OBBA
Temple University and Fox School of Business

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