Dive deeper than basic financials

Our products turn data into actionable insights and give you an edge on the competition.

To analyze banking industry effectively, you need to dive deeper than basic financials, news and broker reports. The Market Intelligence platform combines ground-floor information with the sector-specific metrics and analytics that are relevant to the industries we cover, plus key asset data, mapping tools, regulatory insight and more. Access specialized intelligence in the depth and breadth you need, integrated with exclusive news, data and analytics on our interactive platform.

Standardized financial data
Quickly compare financial data for banks across countries. View as-reported data or use our standardized formats to simplify analysis across institutions worldwide. Our Excel® Add-In lets you link your spreadsheets and charts to our database allowing you to reduce manual entry by automating your own models or utilising our extensive library of banking-specific templates.

Analyze ratios with transparency
Dig into ratios and meaningful metrics with the SNL platform’s source-tagging functionality, click on a number to see the source document, with the exact line item highlighted.

We stand by our quality
Decision makers count on us for reliability, so we make sure we're always ready with the latest information. We are so passionate about quality that we offer $50 rewards to clients who identify a verified mistake or omission in our data.

Perspective you can trust
Rely on our sector-focused proprietary news for timely coverage of the critical trends and activities driving the global markets. Take advantage of our early morning regional summaries and custom email alerts to stay on top of the latest developments.

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