The Kagan Media Summit 2020 Webinars


Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, and keeping the safety of attendees top of mind, the annual Kagan Media Summit will now be a webinar, broken into 2 parts so we can continue to deliver the essential intelligence to our customers.

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Panel Descriptions
Title: The Kagan Media Summit 2020 Webinar Part I - TV Station Operations: The Impact of Covid-19

Duration: 1 Hour


In an Olympic and presidential election year, broadcast stations were preparing for an exciting 2020. However, with the emergence of Covid-19, the evolving landscape has become uncertain as like many, station owners grapple with the impact of the pandemic. Hopes still exist for a strong political year in the second half, and the hope that auto ad revenues will come back strong.

Part 1 for The Kagan Media Webinar series will feature an industry overview presentation, highlighting broadcast data and projections, evolving viewing habits and trends in OTT, direct-to-consumer services, multichannel and more, as forecasted by Kagan, the media research division within S&P Global Market Intelligence. This will be followed by a panel discussion to discuss:

  • How have TV stations responded to the Coronavirus crisis?
  • Do you think the pandemic will have any lasting effects on the TV station business?
  • What has been the impact on viewership of local news and other news services?
  • What’s your outlook for ad market recovery?

Title: The Kagan Media Summit 2020 Webinar Part II - Advertising: Present and Future trends for Traditional and Digital

Duration: 1 Hour


Hear the latest from Kagan, the media research division within S&P Global Market Intelligence, on the evolution of digital and traditional media advertising revenues, as well as their impact on other areas and their outlook for growth. What categories will emerge strongly in the second half of 2020 for local and national media?

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