The Container Port Performance Index Webinar - 2022


Title: The Container Port Performance Index Webinar - 2022

Duration: 1 hour

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The Container Port Performance Index 2022
Launch of the global data-based comparable Index of Global Container Port Performance

Presented by the World Bank Group and S&P Global Market Intelligence

From mid-2022 the widespread delays triggered by impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic began to recede in most world regions as falling demand allowed ports to clear backlogs. Average vessel turnaround times have improved dramatically in the regions hardest hit by the congestion and better times generally observed on a global level.

Despite the improving situation, container ports remain a serious risk factor for supply chain disruption. Many ports globally continue to experience chronic delays, and the capacity and efficiency shortfalls that underpinned the congestion have not been addressed. Adding capacity through infrastructure, improving processes, technical innovation and digitization are the necessary areas of focus.

Developed by the Transport Global Practice of the World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence, the Container Port Performance Index (CPPI) is a comparable index of global container port performance. The index is a reference point for key stakeholders in the global economy, including national governments, port authorities, development agencies and private organizations engaged in trade, logistics and supply chain services.

CPPI and its underlying data supports the identification of gaps and opportunities for improvement in container port operations and is intended to stimulate a dialogue among key stakeholders and move this essential agenda forward.

This launch webinar for the Container Port Performance Index 2022 will be presented by members of the joint World Bank and S&P Global Market Intelligence team that created the index, who will discuss the scope, underlying data, and methodology, as well as its purpose and uses.

Turloch Mooney
Associate Director
Head of Port Performance
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Richard Martin Humphreys
Lead Transport Economist
Global Lead for Transport Connectivity and Regional Integration
World Bank Group
Grace Ashley
Transport Global Knowledge Unit
World Bank Group
Andy Lane
Containerized Transportation Industry Consultancy
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