Sharpen your monitoring of counterparty credit risk with Credit Assessment Scorecards.

Streamline your internal risk rating systems to manage the potential default risks of private, publicly-traded, rated, and unrated companies across sectors. 
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With Scorecards, you can:
  • Generate numerical credit scores broadly aligned with S&P Global Ratings’ criteria and further supported by historical default data dating back to 1981.

  • Access our easy-to-use Excel® plug-in to integrate financial data from S&P Global Market Intelligence and your own proprietary risk rating data

  • Get broad sector and geographic coverage for all major asset classes, governments, real estate, and project finance

  • Apply leading benchmarks with 140 industry and country risk scores

  • Take advantage of an IFRS-9 and CECL impairment overlay that incorporates macro-economic conditions, as well as market information to adjust the Scorecard Probability of Default (PD) output

  • Gain confidence in your decision-making and the reliability of your company’s internal risk rating systems with our consistent and transparent framework for credit risk assessment

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S&P Global Market Intelligence also provides in-depth global industry research and unrivaled data on assets, power generation operations, energy companies, credit ratings, and M&A transactions plus easy-to-use mapping and analytics tools-saving you time. 

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