Discover S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Credit Assessment Scorecards

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Credit Assessment Scorecards provide the framework to effectively navigate today’s climate, especially for “Low Default” portfolios that, by definition, lack the extensive internal default data necessary for the construction of statistical models that can be robustly calibrated and validated.

With credit markets constantly evolving, how do you effectively manage risk?

S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Credit Assessment Scorecards combine quantitative and qualitative factors to provide you with essential tools to identify and manage potential default risks of private, publicly traded, rated, and unrated companies, across a multitude of sectors.

[NEW] Our Scorecards enable environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors to be considered in credit risk analysis in a transparent and structured way, adopting a holistic approach while working through the regular credit assessment process.

With our Scorecards, you can:

  • Generate numerical scores that are broadly aligned with S&P Global Ratings’ criteria and further supported by historical default data dating back to 1981
  • Access our easy-to-use Excel plug-in to integrate our content and your own proprietary risk rating data
  • Get broad sector and geographic coverage with 70+ Scorecards*, including all major asset classes, governments, real estate, and project finance
  • Apply leading benchmarks with 140 industry and country risk scores
  • Take advantage of an IFRS-9 and CECL impairment overlay that incorporates macro-economic conditions, as well as market information to adjust the Scorecard Probability of Default (PD) output. The adjustments consider reasonable and supportable current and forward-looking information to ensure that Scorecards can produce forward looking point-in-time PD estimates (both 1 year and lifetime)
What's better - it is convenient, consistent, replicable, and can be done in-house.

*As of October 2019

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