Let us help you prepare for the SEC Climate Disclosure Rule

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S&P Global Sustainable1 is here to support your unique sustainability journey, curating data and analytics from across S&P Global's business divisions to help your distinct needs.

Sustainability Starter Pack
Start your journey to understanding and measuring environmental, social and governance topics material to your firm. Baseline GHG emissions and understand how your disclosures align to well-recognized global reporting frameworks and peers.

Operational, Supply Chain and Value Chain Footprinting
Measure Scope 1 and Scope 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Leverage your own carbon emissions data and robust estimation methodologies to assess the complete environmental footprint. Quantify your full value chain GHG impacts across all relevant Scope 3 categories.

TCFD Reporting Solutions
Analyze historical and forward-looking scenario-based climate-related risks, including policy, market, reputational, technology, and physical risk exposures. Address the TCFD governance, strategy, risk management and metrics/targets pillars.

Physical Climate Risk
Quantify climate risk in financial terms. Our Physical Risk assessment models the impact of extreme temperature, drought, wildfire, coastal flooding, fluvial flooding, water stress and tropical cyclone, backed by a sophisticated understanding of asset-type vulnerability.

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