Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the Energy Transition


Title: Russia-Ukraine Conflict and the Energy Transition

Duration: 1 Hour

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Russia's invasion of Ukraine sapped its dominance as an energy and battery metals superpower, putting at risk the energy transition as countries scramble to source key resources elsewhere. While traders are still moving Russia's gas, nickel, and aluminum around the globe, prices for energy and key metals have jumped, wreaking havoc on the industry in Europe and raising questions about global dependence on Russia for crucial supplies.

Join our panel of industry experts who closely watch the energy, metals, and mining sectors to discuss how the geopolitical disruption changed the energy landscape a year after the invasion began.

Topics covered will include:

  • How has the invasion changed countries' views of their energy profiles, and how will those shifts play out in 2023?
  • How might countries respond to secure international supply chains for energy and related commodities?
  • Has the shakeup in global markets impacted the world's transition to cleaner energy resources? If so, has it accelerated or slowed that transition?

Taylor Kuykendall (Moderator)
Senior Reporter
S&P Global Commodities Insights
Melanie Kenderdine
Energy Future Initiatives
Morgan Bazillian
Director, Payne Institute
Professor of Public Policy
at the Colorado School of Mines
Ben Cahill
Senior Fellow
Energy Security and Climate Change Program
Center for Strategic & International Studies
Georg Zachmann
Senior Fellow
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