Remote Work Tech Challenges: A Marathon, Not a Sprint


Title: Remote Work Tech Challenges: A Marathon, Not a Sprint

Duration: 30 minutes

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Public policy and business responses to the coronavirus crisis are fast moving, growing in severity and having significant impacts on businesses. Before the crisis, only 13% of employees worked fully remote. Increasingly stringent self-isolation measures however have led to 65% of businesses initiating expanded work from home policies with more planning to do so in the coming weeks. 38% of businesses think those policies will be long-term, potentially permanent.

How will companies support prolonged remote working at scale and can they get it right? Business leaders will need to rethink and address five key challenges:
  • A hugely dynamic external environment
  • Broad and compounding workforce impacts
  • Unsettled and anxious employees
  • Reduced travel, fewer meetings and less access to key information
  • Competitive disruptions as companies look for opportunities amidst the crisis

In this webinar we’ll use recent survey data to highlight the business response to the crisis so far and give pointers on how companies can tackle these key challenges. With proper planning now, businesses could see pay offs in the long-term when the crisis abates.


Chris Marsh
Research Director, Workforce Productivity and Collaboration, 451 Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence

Scott Crawford
Research Vice President, Security, 451 Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence

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