RatingsDirect® Monitor

Your ratings world, simplified

Every day, you encounter vast volumes of data – each one containing potentially valuable insight that can help you anticipate market movements and stay on top of credit risk.

How do you filter out the excess and zero in on the essential? With RatingsDirect Monitor, now available on the S&P Capital IQ platform.

RatingsDirect Monitor brings financial and market data to you directly as they happen. By syncing with your portfolio Watch List, Monitor brings timely and reliable data, dynamic visualizations, and credit ratings and research on a single screen, customized to your preferences.

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Sharpen your perspective and boost your productivity

  • Gauge potential changes in market sentiment of credit quality by monitoring rating updates and market-driven signals
  • Perform relative value and risk/return analysis, identify names or sectors showing volatility in market prices of equity and changes in credit spreads
  • Monitor syncs to your portfolio Watch List to integrate credit and equity market data with ratings indicators to help you monitor credit risk for rated public corporate issuers across the globe
  • Receive desktop push notifications of ratings actions, research updates, creditwatch and outlook assignments, news, and market movements as they happen
  • Quickly and easily access additional News, Filings, Credit Default Swap data, equity prices, and more from S&P Global Market Intelligence, on a single screen

Request a Free Trial of RatingsDirect®

As the official source for S&P Global Rating's credit ratings and research, plus additional market intelligence and risk indicators, RatingsDirect on the S&P Capital IQ platform gives you an essential view of the fixed-income markets that spans industries, companies and securities.

Request a complimentary trial today to access credit ratings and research for Corporations, Financial Institutions, Insurance, Structured Finance, Government, Infrastructure and US Public Finance sectors across the globe.

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