Get a deeper view of your commercial real estate tenants credit risk.

In today’s complex markets the credit health of your tenants evolves constantly. Your ability to accurately score and efficiently monitor those companies is expected to not only keep up with but also anticipate the pace of change.

Our Credit Analytics suite can offer an early-warning signal for tenants in distress. In addition, equity-based credit indicators can provide some leading indication of credit events when credit metrics may be lagging. Get a deeper analysis using fundamentals-based indicators that also incorporate early-warning metrics and highlight risk factors that could lead to a default.

Score rated, unrated, public and private companies globally

Easily assess the potential default of private companies that looks at financial risk and business risk to measure the likelihood of default for 860,000+ public and private banks, corporations, and REITS over one- to five-year time horizons.

Efficiently calculate the creditworthiness of unrated companies with our suite of statistical models that use financial statement information trained against S&P Global Ratings to generate credit scores for 73,000+ larger corporates and financial institutions.

Quickly generate a point-in-time credit risk view for public companies with our statistical model that captures market cap volatility to provide early warning signals of potential default between financial reporting periods. The PD Model Market Signals are updated daily and available for more than 71,000+ public companies globally.

Evaluate how tenants may be impacted by different financial, macroeconomic, and business factors through scenario analysis via Credit Analytics. Easily monitor companies in their lease portfolios through dashboards or custom Excel® templates, plus activate alerts to be notified about any changes to a tenant’s creditworthiness.

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