Save valuable time extracting and spreading data while gaining new insights with ProSpread

Eliminate the time-consuming process of manually inputting financial statement data into your tools with ProSpread™, a powerful workflow solution for automatically extracting and spreading data from financial statements using Natural Language Processing combined with Optical Character Recognition.
Multi-Format Image Support
Upload financial statements, including scanned documents in PDF format, and ProSpread will extract and spread what you need.

Multi-Language Support
Upload documents in 10 different languages.

Verify your data to help provide an essential audit trail of any changes as well as provide a way to click through to the source financial item.

Image Carousel
Extract the precise pages and focus on validating only the information that is necessary.
Continuous Learning
ProSpread learns as the user cycles through individual financial data points to edit, reassign, or confirm matches.

Score Company
Leverage the Credit Analytics suite of analytical models to score companies with extracted financials.

ProSpread, S&P Global Market Intelligence, 2021. For illustrative purposes only.

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