New Corporate Realities: Blending Geopolitics, Data, and Digital Transformation


Title: New Corporate Realities: Blending Geopolitics, Data, and Digital Transformation

Duration: 1 Hour

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The way of doing business has changed. Due to challenges from geopolitical conflicts, high levels of inflation, and supply chain disruption, companies are addressing new levels of risk and competition. Those that can quickly distill essential data insights will set the pace for their market and peers.
Corporate teams will need more access to data and a more comprehensive set of analytics to stay ahead tomorrow’s unknowns. Examine how companies are investing in data, transforming their tech capabilities, and incorporating country intelligence along the way to ‘Set the Pace.’

We will explore:

  • Cross-segment considerations for economic landscape, geopolitical risk, supply chain disruption, and credit risk
  • How companies are leveraging country intelligence, forecasting, and PELTOS risk scores (political, economic, legal, taxation, operational, security) to better understand their competitive landscape or investment decisions
  • The latest enterprise data and analytics trends from our Voice of the Enterprise surveys and research
  • How broader enterprise data access is changing corporate decision-making

Justine Iverson (Moderator)
Head of S&P Global Marketplace
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Paige Bartley
Senior Research Analyst, Data Management
451 Research, S&P Global Market Intelligence
James Curtis
Senior Research Analyst, Data, AI & Analytics
451 Research, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Dr. Marie Lechler
Associate Director, Economics & Country Risk
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Gregg Lemos-Stein
Chief Analytical Officer, Corporate Ratings
S&P Global Ratings
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