The Move to T+1: A focus on the asset servicing impacts of a shorter settlement cycle


Title: The Move to T+1: A focus on the asset servicing impacts of a shorter settlement cycle

Duration: 1 Hour

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Settlement cycle reduction by a day will be applicable in the US/Canadian market from May 28,2024 and participants all over the world are assessing the impact in their back-office operations/systems. Knowing the problem in depth, we at S&P Global Market Intelligence are committed to increase the awareness amongst industry participants and to help them to understand how they can simplify their processes/systems and be ready to face the regulatory change.

Join us for our forthcoming webinar when our panel of industry experts will share their insights and experiences on the key considerations, opportunities, and challenges associated with implementing T+1 settlement for Asset Servicing.

The discussion will focus on:

  • Overall Impact in Asset Servicing due to shorter settlement cycle
  • Key considerations for asset servicing providers and investors
  • Only Settlement cycle is getting shorter, but it is going to be longer days for the team correcting the inefficiencies.
  • How much technology and automation will play important role in redefining the asset servicing operations.

Chris Thiebaut
Director, U.S. Head of Corporate Actions
John Oleon
Managing Director of Clearing and Settlement Operations
Clear Street
Kamal Kannan
Director, Securities Services
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Bidhu Rusia
Director, Corporate Actions
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Thomas F. Price
Managing Director, Technology, Operations, and Business Continuity
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