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2018 Mining Industry Outlook -
What Are the Expectations?

S&P Global Market Intelligence recently hosted a panel discussion in London to discuss about the mining outlook for 2018. Our panelists include experts from S&P Global Ratings, Anglo American Plc, Bernstein Investment Research and Managenment and Investec Asset Management. 

Here's a video highlight of the event:
Watch the full video covering:

  • Mining Hot Spots, Growth and Risk
Where are the hot spots in 2018? Impact of politics on corporate strategies, growth and risk. Which countries are becoming more risky for mining? 

  • Demand, Supply and Mining Costs
Impact of changes in industrial production on metals demand. Forecasts for new mined supply. Trends in mined ore grades and operating costs. Which major metal will have the greatest shortfall in supply?

  • Exploration Budgets and Trends
Trends to expect in 2018? Which metals and regions will have the highest budget expectations? 

  • Investment Strategies
Which investment strategies will make most sense? What is the consensus forecast for metals prices? 

Watch the full video

S&P Global Ratings - Simon Redmond, Director of Corporate Ratings
Anglo American Plc - Peter Schmitz, Head of Commodity Research
Bernstein Investment Research and Management - Paul Gait, Senior Research Analyst
Investec Asset Management - George Cheveley, Portfolio Manager


S&P Global Market Intelligence - Director of Metals & Mining Research

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