Credit Risk Pricing Platform
Taking Control - How to tackle the challenges of Intercompany Financing
Credit Risk Pricing 
Price transactions and factor credit risk into your company valuations

Credit Risk Pricing platform can assist your Transfer Pricing and company valuation workflow. Quickly assess the creditworthiness of companies using either CreditModel™ or Probability of Default (PD) Model Fundamentals and determine the arm’s length pricing using our Corporate Yield Curves.

With over 30 years of expertise, Credit Risk Pricing can help assist your Transfer Pricing/Intercompany Financing workflow.

  • Conduct a comprehensive credit assessment - access our financial data for millions of companies or use your own in conjunction with our models to generate credit risk assessments.
  • Gain holistic overview - the dashboard allows you to monitor your portfolio of companies as well as allows you to incorporate other key factors to add a layer of sophistication to your analysis.
  • Estimate Interest Rates with curve analysis - simple intuitive calculation for you to understand how we arrived at the final values for your intercompany loan obligations.
  • Easy to share insights - download a report in either PDF or Word format giving you the complete flexibility to share information that is important to your business.

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