Streamlined delivery of credit ratings from S&P Global Ratings

You need the right data to make the right decisions, and you need to get it quickly and efficiently. With RatingsXpress, you'll receive S&P Global Ratings credit ratings, plus credit ratings from Moody's Investors Service, Fitch Ratings and Japan Credit Ratings, in bulk, when you need them most.

Deep data from a single source

Enhance your analysis by tapping into one of industry’s largest databases of current and historical credit ratings with entity and security-level data from S&P Global Ratings, covering approximately*

Global Issuers at a glance.
81,000+ securities spanning 9,500+ entities—incl. Corporates, Financial Institutions, Utility, and Insurance companies

Sovereigns and Public Finance.
580 Sovereigns, 720 U.S. Public Finance entities / 700,000+ securities

Structured Finance.
43,000+ securities and 16,500+ deals—incl. asset-backed, commercial mortgage-backed, residential mortgage-backed, and collateralized debt obligations

Turn information into actionable insights

  • Enhance databases with a direct ratings feed from the source
  • Develop back testing models
  • Conduct risk management benchmarks
  • Test investment policy guidelines
  • Identify relative value
*Data as of January 02, 2020. Historical data for global issuers and structured finance data is available back to 1923; public finance data is available back to 1964 (for securities still active as of January 1, 2007).

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