Why did you change the name of the Market Intelligence platform to S&P Capital IQ Pro?

At S&P Global Market Intelligence, our strategy is to deliver a premier desktop solution to our users. Since its inception, the Market Intelligence platform was built to expand with new data sets and intuitive workflows: first by integrating the breadth of content from S&P Capital IQ with the depth of industry data from SNL; then by layering in new and relevant content and functionality, such as ESG and private company data, as requested by our clients. Though the Market Intelligence platform name has served us well, the time is right to position our desktop solutions under our signature product brand, S&P Capital IQ. With its expanded datasets and enhanced capabilities, plus our commitment to further invest in differentiated content, analytics, and workflow tools, the Market Intelligence platform is now S&P Capital IQ Pro.

When did this change occur?

This change occurred with our August 2021 platform release.

What is the URL for S&P Capital IQ Pro?

The URL for S&P Capital IQ Pro is Redirects have been created so the existing URLs continue to work. If your company requires you to add links to a trusted site list, please be sure to add the new link.

Did my log-in credentials change?

No. Your log-in credentials are the same.

How does this affect my workflows?

You don't need to change anything about the way you perform your workflows. You will simply notice a new logo at the top left of the platform.

How does this impact the emails I receive from the platform?

Several email addresses have been updated to reflect the new platform name. If you have created inbox rules, please update your rules for the following email addresses accordingly:

Type Old (Market Intelligence) Current (S&P Capital IQ Pro)
Alerts [email protected] [email protected]
Report Builder [email protected] [email protected]
Sharing [email protected] [email protected]
New User Sign-Up [email protected] [email protected]

Does this name change also apply to the Mobile app?

Yes. Market Intelligence (MI) Mobile is now S&P Capital IQ Pro Mobile. You do NOT need to re-install the mobile app.

How is this name change reflected in the plug-in and Office tools?

The MI Office plug-in tab/ribbon is now shown as “S&P Cap IQ Pro” in Excel and PowerPoint. You do NOT need to re-install to see this update. The current CIQ plug-in has retained the name “S&P Capital IQ."

Why did my MI Office tab in Excel disappear?

The MI Office plug-in is now shown as "S&P Cap IQ Pro," but has all the same functionality that it did before it was renamed.

Which add-in do I download - S&P Capital IQ or S&P Capital IQ Pro?

If you want to access the plug-in that used to be called MI Office, download the S&P Capital IQ Pro plug-in. If you want to download the plug-in for the S&P Capital IQ platform, download the S&P Capital IQ Pro plug-in.

Does this impact formula structure in MI Office?

The Office formulas and naming structure (=SPG) are the same. In addition, all backward compatibility for =CIQ formulas remains the same.

Have the names of data sets on the platform also changed?

No, data sets, industry trees, and other assets with descriptors such as Market Intelligence (MI), Capital IQ (CIQ), SNL, Panjiva, Trucost, etc. have retained their current names.

What extra data sets am I entitled to now that the name has changed?

The name change did not impact your subscription. You are able to access all the data sets you had access to prior to the name change.

Will S&P Global continue to offer the S&P Capital IQ platform?

Yes, we will continue to offer S&P Capital IQ platform for users with workflows that are currently best served with that version of our desktop solution. Our strategy remains to partner with our clients to ensure investments in S&P Capital IQ Pro deliver value across all workflows, and when appropriate, upgrade users to S&P Capital IQ Pro.

Will I still be able to access the S&P Capital IQ platform?

The rename does not impact the platforms you are currently able to access. If you had access to the S&P Capital IQ platform prior to the rename, you are still able to access it.

How does this change impact my subscription contract?

There are no changes to your current subscription contract related to the name change. Please contact your Relationship Manager with any questions on your contract.

Who should I contact if I have questions or feedback?

Please reach out to your dedicated Relationship Manager or our support team:

S&P Capital IQ Pro platform support:
+1 (888) 275 2822 (The Americas)
+44 (0)20 7283 8887 (EMEA)
+852 3177 3727 (Asia-Pacific)
[email protected]

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