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Tools to help you understand the impacts to your business amid global uncertainty.

News & Insights
LCD's real-time news coverage on leveraged loan and high-yield bond originations, pricings, and trading gives you the ability to follow deals through their entire lifecycle, including:
  • Price/structure flexes during syndication
  • Forward-looking calendars of deals
  • Topical pieces on key developments and trends
  • Daily recaps of key market events
Our team brings their expertise to bear through trend analysis, expert commentary, and topical research that contextualize the current market against more than 20 years of history.
  • Relative value analysis
  • Default and recovery studies
  • Industry spotlights
20+ Years of Exclusive Data
LCD has formed and maintains the relationships with key market players so we can deliver exclusive data on deals, credit metrics, and issuers to you.
  • Deal database: more than 20 years of history on leveraged issuance, pricing, returns
  • Credit stats: adjusted and non-adjusted leverage and interest coverage multiples
  • Industry stats: primary and secondary market views of industry activity
  • Investor technicals: drivers of supply and demand
Workflow Tools
Accelerate your workflow with LCD's platform capabilities
  • Screening: find companies, transactions, sponsors, and lead banks active in the leveraged finance markets
  • Benchmarking: normalize for size, risk, industry, and other key attributes to view true comps
  • Issuer Deep Dives: drill down to specific companies and pull their full news timeline and transaction snapshots
  • Interactive reports: filter by various criteria to quickly view loan and bond market trends
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