Keep Calm Through the Storm – Utilizing Alternative Data to Minimize Climate Risk


Title: Keep Calm Through the Storm – Utilizing Alternative Data to Minimize Climate Risk

Date: Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am EDT

Duration: 45 minutes

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As the climate continues to change, the physical impact on business has become a clear and present danger. According to S&P Global Sustainable1, 66% of major global companies have at least one asset at high physical risk under the high impact climate change scenario in 2050. The greatest of these physical risks comes from water stress and wildfire.

In this interactive webinar, experts from S&P Global Market Intelligence and Weather Source will discuss the effects of natural disasters and severe weather on business, and how to assess the associated risk and exposure to minimize financial impacts. Join us for an overview of various examples using alternative data to pinpoint assets that may have higher climate risk exposure. Topics and use cases include:

  • Major trends in weather and the associated business risks
  • How to identify commercial assets in wildfire-prone areas by examining the climate conditions that resulted in both the Camp and Woolsey Fires which resulted in $8.47 billion and $2.93 billion in total losses
  • Evaluating climate impact, vulnerability, and associated risk to assets
  • The effect of Hurricane Sandy on US bank performance, and how to identify potential flood-prone locations, that were not previously identified by USGS and FEMA

Justine Iverson
Head of Marketplace,
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Mark Gibbas
Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer,
Weather Source
Takashi Hatakeyama
Director – Product Management,
S&P Global Market Intelligence
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