Investigating Industry Credit Risk in Times of Economic Instability


Title: Investigating Industry Credit Risk in Times of Economic Instability

Duration: 45 minutes

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As the stressed economy continues to impact global industries, volatility, reduced demand, disrupted supply chains, and higher costs, among other factors, are affecting businesses' revenue and cash flow, and many industries are at a higher risk of the likelihood of default and bankruptcy.

Credit and risk management professionals need to be prepared for unpredictable conditions and act quickly to manage their credit risk exposure and minimize potential losses.

Join us on May 16th, 2023 for a timely update on the global economic landscape, and an in-depth analysis on how unpredictable economic conditions are impacting the credit risk of industries across the United States.
We will discuss:

  • The baseline outlook for the global economy, and specific geographies, continues to evolve rapidly as new shocks continue to emerge.
  • Growing and newly emergent risks create a need to use scenario analysis to understand the implications of specific risks, and to translate those into relevant analyses.
  • The risk levels, volatilities, and risk change across industry sectors in the United States, comparing historical observations with forecasted estimates.
  • Forecasted credit risk estimates generated by S&P Global Market Intelligence.
  • How macro-economic scenarios might lead to material changes in the risk profile of many industry sectors, and in particular, how Banks might be the sector seeing the greatest impact on its credit risk profile.

Jonathan Ablett
Executive Director, Global Economic Modelling and Scenario Design
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Hrvoje Tomicic
Credit Product Specialist, Credit & Risk Solutions
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Kristen Hallam
Lead Content Strategist, Global Intelligence & Analytics
S&P Global Market Intelligence
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