How to Identify Datacenter Projects When Developing Renewable Projects


Title: How to Identify Datacenter Projects When Developing Renewable Projects

Duration: 45 minutes

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The market for high growth power demand areas in the US is tight. Datacenter growth in a region can justify demand growth assumptions and ensure a renewable project has the right economics to succeed. Given datacenters tend to be high up on list of corporate power users, it’s important for developers to understand where those growth markets are and identify new datacenter assets to get ahead in their power project development pipeline. In this webinar, we’ll cover topics such as:

  • What are the highest growth datacenter markets in the United States and what trends are driving that growth?
  • How can a developer best position demand growth assumption to get their product financed and built?
  • How can utilities compete to bring datacenter development to their service territories?
  • Which groups of datacenter customers are driving the need for green energy?

Join Dan Thompson of 451 Research and Meredith Bearden of S&P Global Market Intelligence as they walk through the data and specific use-cases to help your business navigate datacenter growth markets.

Dan Thompson
Principal Research Analyst,
Datacenter Services & Infrastructure at 451 Research, S&P Global Market Intelligence
Meredith Bearden
Associate Director, Energy
S&P Global Market Intelligence
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