Factor ESG into your risk analysis with credit ratings & research, analytical models and comprehensive market data

Access valuable ESG and credit risk insight with RatingsDirect®

RatingsDirect on the S&P Capital IQ platform provides the latest ESG Evaluations and research from S&P Global Ratings, along with comprehensive market data and risk indicators to help you make decisions with conviction. Assess how ESG factors could lead to a material direct or indirect financial impact on an entity’s ability to operate successfully in the future with ESG Evaluations.

Factor potential consequences—both qualitative and financial—into credit analysis with ESG in Credit Ratings which incorporates ESG factors into ratings methodology.

Additionally, ESG sector report cards from S&P Global Ratings summarize the ESG factors that are material to the credit ratings in that sector. Also, each report card provides extracts of the ESG sections from S&P Global Ratings analyses of 20-50 companies.

Evaluate the impact of a carbon tax on your portfolio

Assess plausible climate-related scenarios, and evaluate the potential impact on your customers, counterparties, investments and portfolios with Climate Linked Credit Analytics. Assess how a future carbon tax may affect each item reported within company financial statements over the next three years with the fundamentals-driven model — available for 1,200 public and private companies in the Oil & Gas Sector. In addition, assess how earnings of public companies may change over the next three decades under multiple carbon tax scenarios with a market-driven approach — available for over 33,000 public companies across the globe.

Factor ESG into your credit risk analysis

Identify and manage potential default risks of private, publicly traded, rated, and unrated companies and government entities, across a multitude of sectors with our Credit Assessment Scorecards. Some Scorecards are enhanced to include visualized Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analysis, which is part of a holistic approach to assessing credit risk.

ESG factors are considered in detail alongside the traditional credit analysis formalized in the Scorecards, enabling you to estimate the impact of ESG factors on credit risk while working through the regular credit assessment process.

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Understanding Where ESG Meets Credit Risk

Why it is important to understand exposure to ESG factors? Discover how S&P Global Ratings has exposed ESG factors in their credit analysis and more.

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On-Demand Webinar

Assessing The Impact Of Climate-Related Transition Scenarios on Public Firms' Creditworthiness

Address the challenges faced by risked managers and investors in assessing the impact and opportunities of climate-related risks on public firms’ creditworthiness.

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Factoring ESG in Credit Risk Analysis

Discover how to incorporate ESG factors’ analysis as an integral part of the credit risk assessment of obligors and projects and visualize the impact of ESG risk.

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Discover how a large Latin-American Bank leveraged our comprehensive Project Finance credit assessment scorecard with ESG factors.

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