Digital Transformation, IoT Set to Reshape Shipping and Logistics Industry


Title: Digital Transformation, IoT Set to Reshape Shipping and Logistics Industry

Duration: 45 minutes

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Thus far the main shipping and logistics firms have focused their technology investments in booking platforms, blockchain and similar systems to tackle the immediate threat from challenger freight forwarders and deal with the challenges from COVID-19. Looking ahead, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a vital linchpin to success, as it enables the tracking of vehicles, vessels, shipping containers, and the goods the shipping industry holds. We expect that three use cases in particular - cargo tracking, fuel and emissions use, and predictive maintenance – will take top billing in digital transformation projects in this space.

The webinar will cover:

  • Setting the scene: logistics technology and the legacy of COVID-19
  • Building the case for IoT in shipping
  • Cargo tracking and the importance of platforms in tackling the challenger threat
  • Fuel consumption, emissions and predictive maintenance
  • Tackling environmental challenges head-on

Charlsy Panzino (Moderator)
Auto Reporter
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Mark Fontecchio
Research Analyst, Internet of Things, 451 Research
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Chris Rogers
Supply Chain Analyst, Panjiva
S&P Global Market Intelligence
Eric Oak
Supply Chain Research Analyst
S&P Global Market Intelligence
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