Undertake a Market-Valuation Approach to Assess the Impact of Climate-Related Transition and Physical Risks

Climate RiskGauge estimates the financial impact of climate transition and physical risks looking at a compact set of financials, projected emissions as well as a firm’s implied market capitalization, to arrive at the estimation of a credit score change over a given time horizon for public and private companies.

We Support

  • The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures’ (TCFD) recommendations on forward-looking scenario analysis.
  • Climate-related stress testing that regulators are increasingly expecting from financial institutions, at both a single counterparty and portfolio level.
  • Incorporation of climate related risks into credit-related policies, procedures, strategies and overall risk appetite of a financial institution.
  • Climate risk-adjusted valuations of companies for the purpose of capital markets issuances, mergers and acquisitions and other types of corporate financing and investment activities.

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