S&P Global China Credit Analytics Platform

Anticipate the Unknown with the Unrivalled One-Stop for Advanced Credit Insights on Chinese Companies and Government Entities

Professionals at both financial and non-financial organizations have traditionally struggled to get a handle on the risks and opportunities within the Chinese marketplace. That’s why we launched the China Credit Analytics platform to make it easy to assess the creditworthiness of public and private companies, bond issuers, and government-related entities. 

The platform is designed to meet the needs of professionals across industries:

Robust workflow tools on the platform enable users to easily search, evaluate, and monitor essential information to guide:

  • Investment strategies
  • Loan origination activities
  • Counterparty risk analysis
  • New business development efforts
  • Benchmarking initiatives
  •  …and more.
Embed insights directly into your workflow by leveraging the experience, credibility, and methodologies of S&P Global Market Intelligence to: 

Identify business opportunities and risks:  
  • Assess extensive bond issuer information that provides details on ~6K corporates with the most up to date financials, plus many with pre-scored PDs. In addition, find specific issuers by searching on company profile, ownership, credit score, and more. 
  • Evaluate metrics for Chinese bonds, such as the Bond Active Index, YTM/YTW, durations, and spreads (OAS, Z Spread).
  • Zero in on creditworthy customers, suppliers, and investment and loan candidates with access to 1mn+ pre-scored PDs for larger Chinese SME’s, along with industry- and provincial-level benchmarks.
  • Generate your own credit scores by using S&P Global Market Intelligence’s Probability of Default Fundamental (PDFN) model for private companies, CreditModelTM for corporates, and CreditModel specifically designed for local government financing vehicles (LGFVs).  
  • View 2,000+ PCA credit reports for large Chinese corporations and financial institutions prepared by analysts at S&P Global (China) Ratings using publicly available data.
  • Look at the ownership structure of SMEs and bond issuers up and down four levels.
  • View extensive bond T&Cs to see recent maturities, outstanding principle, and interest trends. 
  • Get early warning signals of credit deterioration with innovative sentiment analysis that draws signals from news, media, blogs, and more to provide customized alerts of all events and hot words relevant for entities in your watch list. Plus, see how sentiment scores impact a company’s PD. 
See which regions to focus on:
  • Pinpoint firm types and locations by searching and screening the large database of ~70mn private Chinese companies.
  • Tap into details on ~600 LRGs, including data on three scopes not available elsewhere (preliminary, estimation, and final).
  • Evaluate 2K+ LGFVs with credit scores and comprehensive coverage of financials, including fiscal income, government fund income, government debt, and more.
  • Get credit scores for LRGs, plus unique credit scores for issuers of LGFVs.
Rely on trusted methodologies:
  • Know that all data on the platform has been cleaned and checked to meet our high standards for data quality.
  • Depend on a global credit assessment methodology that is calibrated specifically for the domestic Chinese market, enabling granular and globally-credible evaluations of credit risk that are locally relevant.
Streamline your workflows:
  • Review concise summaries with automatically generated tear sheets that provide a company’s profile, financial highlights, and credit score. 
  • Be alerted through email to new sentiment data.
  • Save time with batch scoring capabilities and a credit risk dashboard to visualize the credit profiles of a portfolio of entities.
  • Take advantage of the dual language user interface that supports both Chinese and English languages, and look at financial information in both USD and CNY to reconcile information back to global portfolios. 
Navigate the full spectrum of your credit risk with essential intelligence on China.  

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