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Spot your hidden credit risks and identify the right opportunities with robust and transparent data, intuitive analytical solutions, and flexible delivery channels that suit your needs.

Dedicated solutions for your workflow.

RatingsDirect®: Magnify your view of the fixed-income markets across the globe with S&P Global Ratings’ credit ratings and research.
Credit Analytics: Reliably score and monitor potential risk exposure to rated and unrated, public and private companies with sophisticated models powered by robust data.
Climate Credit Analytics: Assess the impact of climate-related scenarios on counterparties, investments, and portfolios. 
RatingsXpress®: Assess risks and opportunities with historical credit ratings and streamlined delivery of digitized research from S&P Global Ratings. 
China Credit Analytics: Search, evaluate, and monitor the credit profiles of Chinese public and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with analytics and data from over 23 million Chinese public and private companies.
Credit Assessment Scorecards: Identify and manage potential default risks of private, publicly traded, rated, and unrated companies and government entities. 
Public Finance Automated Scoring Tool (PFAST): Measure credit risk of your municipal exposures with an automated municipal credit scoring and data solution.
CreditPro®: Quantify your credit risk exposures with historical default, transition, and recovery data from S&P Global Ratings.
RiskGauge: Assess the credit risk of over 50 million global companies, including SMEs with analytical models and rich, insightful commentary.
ProSpread™: Save time by automatically extracting and spreading data from financial statements into your tools with our natural language processing and optical character recognition solution.

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