How are you evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on your business?

Financial markets around the globe are facing volatility levels last seen during the 2008/2009 global financial crisis as the coronavirus continues to spread. Cross-border supply chain disruptions, changes in industry and country risk factors, extreme volatility in the capital markets, and a potential recession are just some of the headlines top of mind for credit risk professionals today. 

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We are committed to providing our clients with the insights and tools they need during these uncertain times, creating a community of "connectedness", wherever you are working.

Get a broad perspective of risk with Credit Analytics
Access credit scores, models, and tools to ease your workflow when running risk analysis. By providing a range of credit risk indicators -­ from market-based to fundamental-based scores ­- you don’t have to choose which indicators to monitor; you can watch them all. Track daily credit risk deterioration, gain a longer-term point of view across your exposures, and set alerts to notify you of important changes. Credit Analytics models and data are available via a web solution, Excel Plug-in, and bulk data feed, plus API solutions that enable you to embed information in internal and third-party platforms.


Get the latest research covering shifts in credit quality and macroeconomic conditions with RatingsDirect®
Efficiently analyze credit performance and trends with aggregated intelligence at the sector, sub-sector, industry, entity, and portfolio levels. Stay current with top stories and sector highlights, including dynamic ratings distribution and credit ratings migration charts. In addition, gain direct access to credit-adjusted financial statement information for global banks, corporates, and utilities rated by S&P Global Ratings, along with comparison tools, customized filters, and financial data reports. Receive desktop push notifications to alert you to ratings actions, research updates, CreditWatch and Outlook assignments, news, and market movements as they happen, and more. The information is available via desktop and Excel® Plug-in solutions.

RatingsDirect features Coronavirus-Related Public Rating Actions and other topical content.  Quickly and easily access Ratings’ commentaries, podcasts and Webinars and Events on the homepage


Receive S&P Global Ratings credit ratings in bulk with RatingsXpress® 
Get delivery of S&P Global Ratings data using Xpressfeed™ – a powerful data feed management solution. Ratings content is organized into packages defined by issuer sectors and contains issuer- and issue-level details, plus extensive descriptive data for each instrument. In addition, bring greater transparency to your credit risk assessments with RatingsXpress: S&P Global Ratings’ Scores & Factors. With this package you can access the underlying business, financial, industry, and economic risk factors and assessments, plus the stand-alone credit profile for corporations and banks rated by S&P Global Ratings.

Evaluate probability of default (PD) and loss given default (LGD) using our Credit Assessment Scorecards 
Produce stable, forward-looking assessments that can be mapped to long-term PD and recovery rates from the S&P Global Ratings default and recovery database. 
Our Scorecards align with S&P Global Ratings criteria helping our client assess risk for low default sectors. Our 70+ scorecards1 cover all major market segments, including: Corporates, Financial Institutions, Project Finance, Sovereigns and Local/Regional Governments.

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Access unrivaled default, transition, and recovery data with CreditPro® 
Evaluate PDs based on S&P Global Ratings default and ratings migration data covering 15,000+ companies, 175,000+ debt instruments, 200,000+ structured finance tranches, and 175+ sovereign entities across the globe. This robust analytic tool can also help you formulate future default and ratings migration scenarios, and validate internal rating systems.

Generate reliable early-warning signs of credit risk deterioration during heightened volatility with PD Model Market Signals.
Get a point-in-time view of credit risk for public companies based on a sophisticated model that captures equity market sentiment, providing signs of potential default for 71,000+ public companies.2

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Help determine the credit risk of unrated exposures with CreditModelTM
Leverage a credit scoring model trained against S&P Global ratings that produces credit scores for 73,000+ larger corporates and financial institutions.3

Stay On Top of COVID-19 Developments with Complimentary Access to a Dedicated Website

S&P Global is committed to providing timely, independent, and essential information to the commodities and financial markets as we all grapple with this worldwide pandemic. A dedicated website is available containing original, exclusive, and curated research content from each of the company’s divisions, including S&P Global Market Intelligence, S&P Global Ratings, S&P Global Platts, focusing on how COVID-19 is impacting public health, the global economy, and the financial and commodity markets.

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